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As an "Approved Workshop"

we can take care

of all your caravan needs from annual servicing to appliance repairs. 

Annual Service

An annual service will ensure your caravan is safe, ready to go and maintain any warranty you may have. We inspect your electrical systems, perform a gas safety check including appliances, service the running including brakes and hitch then we'll check operation of all habitational equipment and complete a full damp test. 

Damp Check

Having a regular damp test is the best way of ensuring you catch any potential issues before they become a bigger problem that may require costly repairs.

Habitation Service


If your caravan is sited seasonally so don't require the running gear servicing then letting us keep your living accommodation in check could be for you. This includes a full damp test gas and electricity check as well as testing operation of appliances and habitation equipment.

Gas Check

With an LPG system installed within the confines of a caravan your safety is paramount. Thats why we are ACOPS certified to complete a comprehensive check of your gas installation and appliances including a carbon monoxide test.

Periodic electrical inspection

Every 3 years your 240v electric installation should be checked to ensure safety and correct operation. Due to the nature of a caravan's movement, electrical connections easily work loose and is one of the biggest causes of fire. This is also more commonly becoming a term of insurance policies

Alde Heater Fluid Service

Alde combi boilers will enhance the comfort in your leisure vehicle and the heater fluid is an essential part. Fluids should be changed as standard at a two year service for a 5 year life antifreeze. Specialist equipment is used to flush out the old using de-mineralised water then fill with 5yr life fluid.

Parts & Accessories

We do it all.... Enhance your vehicle with extras from motor movers - solar panels, inverters- outdoor sockets. We can supply and fit original manufacturer spec equipment without the worry of voiding any manufacturer warranty.


Pre-purchase inspection

Tyre kicking just won't do. If you would like the peace of mind before you part with your hard earned cash then let us look over your potential investment and make sure its safe, roadworthy and good value for money.

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